Enterprise Roadside Assistance Finland help you 24/7

Roadside Assistance Finland help you with unexpected situations with a rental car 24/7.

Roadside Assistance Finland is additional protection that help you in case of problems:

  • Towing
  • A flat tire
  • Out of fuel or electricity
  • Dead battery
  • Loss of a car key
  • Interruption of driving for no reason

See the price list and purchase Roadside Assistance to your car rental contract.

Call Roadside Assistance Finland

You can reach Roadside Assistance Finland 24/7 by phone at +358 30 360 910.

Roadside Assistance service is provided by our partner Falck.

Please note that your telephone operator may charge extra for calling a Finnish phone number.

Can I use Roadside Assistance Finland if I have not purchased protection in advance?

You can always call Roadside Assistance Finland if you have a problem with a rental car, and you will always get help to continue your journey.

We will add the additional cost of using Roadside Assistance to your car rental contract and charge it directly to your credit card.

Do you need help? Contact our customer.service@enterprise.fi and we are in touch with you.

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