Rent an electric car or a hybrid car

Are you curious about what a modern low-emission car feels like to drive? If you are considering a hybrid or electric car, why not rent one at Enterprise and see for yourself how a low-emission car will fit your everyday life.

Rent a zero-emission electric car

Rent an electric car for a day, a weekend, or a week and take part in climate actions by driving with zero emissions. If you need to rent an electric car for a longer period of time, check out our flexible and cost-effective Mini-Lease solution.

Our electric car collection is constantly growing and there are e.g. Kia E-Niro, Nissan Leaf, and Opel Corsa-e. Our selection also includes an electric minibus Opel Zafira-e Life for transporting a larger group of people and an electric van Opel Vivaro-e for transporting goods. Our electric car collection is available in all our car rental branches all over Finland.

The range of an electric car is up to 600 kilometers depending on the car model and weather. In Finland, winter and temperature can affect the range of a car. The range can be maximized by preheating the car's cabin and battery already during the charging phase before driving in winter.

Charging an electric car

When you rent an electric car from Enterprise, you will always receive your car with at least 80% charge*, and you can return it without recharging. If you have to charge an electric car during the rental period, you can find charging points for electric cars in several places in Finland, for example at gas stations and shopping centers.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the charging points before renting, for example, Traficom´s charging point map and look at some private companies that offer charging services, e.g. Fortum Charge & Drive, K-lataus, Plugsurfing, and Virta.

Rent a low-emission hybrid car

If you are unsure about renting an electric car, but you want to drive with low-emission car, then renting a hybrid car is a good option for you. With a hybrid car, you get the environmental benefits of an electric motor and at the same time enjoy the long-range allowed by a traditional internal combustion engine.

Hybrid cars are available in a variety of sizes from Enterprise, e.g. BMW 330, BMW X3, Opel Grandland, Toyota CH-R, Toyota Yaris, Volvo XC60, and Volkswagen Tiguan.

Our hybrid car collection is available at all Enterprise car rental branches in Finland.

Are you interested in a car rental?

If you are interested in renting an electric or a hybrid car, please contact our or you can rent a car directly from our website.

Take a look at our four-wheel drive cars and vans.

*When renting an electric car.

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