No need to worry with our additional services

Choose additional services to make your driving experience easier and more enjoyable. Enterprise offers additional protection against accidents, child seats for young passengers, and a navigator to help you find your way.

Optional Protection

We know that hiring a car can be confusing, especially when it comes to protection. That is why we aim to give you an easy-to-understand explanation of all the protection products you can purchase from Enterprise as part of your car rental in Finland. You can purchase ready-made protection packages or choose all the additional protection you want one by one.  Choose the option that suits you and you will have no worries about driving. 

Standard Protection

  • Supplemental Liability Protection
  • Collision Damage and Theft Waiver

Deductible €2.000-4.000
Automatically included in all car rentals.

Standard Plus

  • Supplemental Liability Protection
  • Collision Damage and Theft Waiver

Deductible -50%
The additional charge of Standard Plus protection is €15 - 25 / day


  • Supplemental Liability Protection
  • Super Collision Damage and Theft Waiver
  • Tires and Windshield Protection

Deductible -50%
The additional charge of Premium protection is
€20 - 30 / day

Premium Plus

  • Supplemental Liability Protection
  • Super Collision Damage and Theft Waiver
  • Tires and Windshield Protection
  • Roadside Assistance Protection

Zero deductible (Mini, Economy, Compact, Intermediate, Standard)
The additional charge of Premium Plus protection is €35 - 40 / day

Rentals with Enterprise always include Supplemental Liability Protection. SLP coverage for the vehicle rented includes third-party liability with unlimited cover for personal injuries. The maximum cover for property damages is EUR 5 million. Collision Damage and Theft Waiver are always automatically included in car rentals.

Tire and Windshield Protection reduce your financial responsibility for damage to your rental car's tires or windshield.

€5.00 / Day

Roadside Assistance Protection help you in unexpected situations on the road, such as towing due to a flat tire or accident, losing the car key, running out of fuel, or draining the battery. The roadside assistance service is provided by our partner Falck.

€5.00 / day

Additional Services

Addititional Driver

Having an additional driver for your rental car can significantly ease the pressure on your main driver and make your trip more enjoyable. Note that the names of all drivers must be mentioned in the rental agreement.

€8.00 / day
€56.00 € / week
Maximum charge €56.00 / rental

Young Driver

Drivers with a driving license who are 19 years old can rent a rental car in Finland. The exception is premium car models, where the required minimum driver age is 25 years. We charge an additional charge for young drivers aged 19-24.

€30.00 / rental

Fuel Purchase Option

The prepayment option for fuel makes your rental easier and you can save yourself from delays and unnecessary penalty fees when you don’t have to refuel your rental car.

€3.35 / liter
The total amount depends on the tank size of the rental car, and the service will only be charged when you pick up the rental car from the counter.

Delivery Service

Delivery and pick-up of the rental car can be arranged for an additional charge. Please note that the delivery service is limited, please contact a local car rental branch or customer service for more information on delivery service.

Helsinki - Turku €334.80 / delivery
Helsinki  Tampere €186.00 / delivery
Helsinki - Espoo, Vantaa €155.00 / delivery
Helsinki - Kittilä, Kuusamo, Rovaniemi €434.00 / delivery

Cross-Border Rental

Written permission is always required if the rental car is driven outside Finland. Cars can be driven in Sweden and Norway with a permission. Please contact customer service at least 7 days before the start of the rental period that we can provide the necessary border crossing documents.

€60.00 / border

Additional services at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

After Hours Services at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport €75.00 / rental, see opening hours

Delivery and Collections Services at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport €155.00 / rental

Additional Equipment

GPS/Navigational System

The navigator helps you reach your hotel with ease, travel to nearby attractions without going around in circles, and arrive early to meetings in the city.

€8.00 € / day

WI-FI Device

The portable WI-FI device with unlimited and high-speed internet coverage within Finland. Enjoy calling without roaming charges and use phone applications without the concern of an unexpected bill.

€5.00 / day

Baby Seat

The baby seat is for children aged 0-12 months (0-13 kg).

€40.00 / rental
An additional charge for breakages is €372.00 / baby seat

Child Safety Seat

The child safety seat is for children aged 9 months to 4 years old (10-36 kg).

€40.00 / rental
An additional charge for breakages is €372.00 / child safety seat

Booster Seat

The booster seat is for children aged 4-11 years who are less than 135 cm in height.
Finnish law requires that children use safety devices when traveling by car until they reach a height of 135 cm.

€25.00 / rental
An additional charge for breakages is €200.00 / booster seat

Winter Tires

In Finland, all our rental cars have winter tires that comply with the weather and the law, i.e. you don´t need to worry about winter tires. If you book a rental car outside the winter tire season or plan to drive abroad, contact our customer service and we will check the winter tires for your rental car. Please note that we charge an additional fee for winter tires outside the winter season. You get the price from our customer service.

Included in the rental during the winter season

Other surcharges

Payment and other surcharges

Deposit by credit card for the rental period €300.00 / rental

Administration fees e.g. handling parking and speeding fines €50.00 € / fine

Driving kilometers over the rental agreement €0.20 / kilometer

Invoicing surcharge €12.40 / invoice

Other potential fees

Returning the rental car very dirty from the outside or inside €186.00 / car

Returning the rental car without refueling
Service fee €35.00 / car
Fuel €4.34 / liter

We charge a service fee for refueling and a fixed price for fuel. The total amount depends on the tank size of the rental car and the amount of fuel to be refueled

Smoking in the rental car €186.00 / car

Pets in the rental car €186,00 / car

Rent a car for less than 30 days






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